November 20, 2022

Exigo V6 - Now Available!

Exigo V6

Introducing , the all new Exigo V6

Get ready to experience performance like never before on a mobile platform. This light weight yet high performance mobility platform is perfect for gamers, content creators and high performance compute professionals who demand the best in terms of performance and flexibility.

The Exigo V6 comes with core components that can be customized as per end user specific needs, making it a truly versatile machine. It is powered by Intel's 12th gen Desktop Grade CPUs and comes with options for Nvidia RTX 3060 & 3070Ti Non-Max-Q Variants for intensive GPU demanding applications. All this within a 2.8 KGs package makes the Exigo V6 one of the most powerful desktop replacement in its class.

Quick Overview of Key Features

  • Supports Intel 12th Gen Desktop CPUs from i5 to i9 (* Both K & Non-K Editions)
  • Option for Nvidia 3060 6GB & 3070Ti 8GB Non-Max Q Variant
  • 2 Ram Slots with options to expand memory up to 64GB
  • 3 Internal Storage Slots with Gen 4, Gen 3 & Sata III SSD Options
  • FHD 144Hz AVA-IPS Display with 100% sRGB Rating

Detailed Tech Specs -

Exigo V6

Evolution of Exigo

Our core ideology behind Exigo was to bring desktop grade performance on a mobile chassis along with component customization with plug and play format; very similar to a modern high end desktop.

Instead of a true desktop replacement , Exigo was designed to be somewhere in between a traditional slim laptop vis a vis a DTR with more focus on mobility retaining a 15" chassis.

Our first few iterations did achieve that goal , with positive end user feedback on performance side of things, however one key suggestion which was highlighted by majority of user base was the weight.

Exigo V1, V2 & V3 weighed around 3.8 KGs including the barebone , battery & PSU.

The next iteration - V4, housed a new design where the total weight was brought down to 2.6KGs. One key design change was now GPUs were soldered on board to achieve the target weight range. Rest all the components retained the plug and play format of previous iterations.

V6 continues the same chassis design trend with few adjustments to heat sink design for better heat dissipation bringing the total system weight to 2.8KGs including the barebone, battery & PSU.

As an end note, the Exigo v6 hits the right notes on our end goal of a mobile platform with desktop grade components with focus on mobility.

Exigo V6 - Experience Performance on the Go! -

Exigo V6

This concludes our launch post for Exigo v6. Thanks for your time!

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Arindam Ghosh - Azom Systems


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