May 15, 2023

Customer Spotlight - Aditya

My primary workload revolves around coding, content creation (specially video editing) and occasional high-end gaming. It was a childhood dream to have a premium tier 1 rig, and I waited quite a long time for this.

Legion V4 was worth the wait.

Build Log -

CPU - Intel i9-10850K

GPU - Nvidia RTX 3080 16GB MXM

RAM - 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4

SSD - 2TB NVMe Gen 4

OS - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64 Bit

Experience -

Azom's customisation and upgrade options are unmatchable.The machine performs seamlessly in all situations. Instant load times, crisp screen and an excellent colour gamut. It’s easy on the eyes and visuals look stunning as well.

The GPU is the working horse of my system – I'm using this machine for almost three years now ,and its performance is beyond what I expected.

I have really tried pushing it to its limits and the Legion doesn’t seem to make any fuss about it and has stood it's test of time. In aspects of my day to day workloads the machine performs just uber smooth.

The SSD boots all the software fast enough, and there's no issue running even four software simultaneously . In aspects of gaming, all the AAA tittles which I tried are running at ultra to very high presets with very stable frames and temps.

Legion V4

To quickly summarize, here are the pros and cons -

Pros -

  • Best sales and after sales service which I have experienced in Indian Market
  • Amazing build quality.
  • Very knowledgable and professional team.
  • Great thermal design. Didn't face thermal throttling in last 3 years.
  • In-house tuned system gives you the most optimized settings. No need to break your head on optimization.

Cons -

  • It's a Desktop Replacement, hence very bulky & heavy. Not design for portability.
  • Battery backup is not that impressive and it's a dual charger unit.
  • Speakers could have been better at this price range.
  • Expensive! Though there pricing is much better than the branded offerings out there, but still it's expensive.

"Been a user of Azom Legion V4 for three plus years now. I highly recommend their product lines for high performance usage scenarios." - Aditya

Legion V4

This concludes Aditya's Customer Spotlight. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute requirements.

Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

Arindam Ghosh - Azom Systems

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