January 21, 2023

Customer Spotlight - Amit

Amit's Legion V4

"I have now bought three systems from Azom, but never written a review. Its probably time to change that.

The first system I bought was an Exigo around 6 years ago, it worked flawlessly under heavy stressful work loads for 3 years, till I decided to get an upgrade and get the 17" Legion V3. That also worked great till I decided to get the Legion V4. The systems have been flawless, putting out great performance and reliability; which is now a days missing from branded offerings.

For high performance compute, current branded mobility offerings are at least 1.3X times more expensive than Azom's offerings and that too comes with soldered mobile CPU & Max-Q GPU. Where as Azom offers desktop grade CPUs & MXM GPUs with modular socket format which allows for easy upgrades and replacements.

The major decision when buying this kind of pricey equipment is support. So how has been the support? In one word excellent.

Whenever I have had an issue all I had to do was call Arindam or mail the Azom Support Team and I will get the required help promptly. For example, my first Legion (my second system from Azom) was having heating issues after 1 year, I called up Arindam and dropped off the laptop, everything was fixed and the laptop delivered to me on time. This kind of service is impossible to get in the Indian Market.

On the latest Legion (v4) , Clevo (OEM behind Azom) decided to go with the Insyde Bios which is abysmal, and I had real trouble installing Linux there. Called up Arindam and he helped me come up with the steps to install Linux and even emailed them over to me. This kind of support you won’t get from most of the branded options in the market.

Legion V4

To sum up here are the Pros -

• Brilliant performance, best in its class and Legion has better performance than Alienware Area 51m or others while costing less.

• Great support

• Good warranty coverage, when buying try to get warranty coverage for 2 or 3 years (1 year is provided by default)

• Laptop screens are great

• Azom is Prema Partner. In general they provide Prema Bios , they haven’t done it yet for the latest Legion because its not available. Clevo laptop with Prema >>>> Clevo laptop without Prema. Period!

• Great for doing Machine learning stuff. The new Legion V4 contains the RTX 3080 with 16gb, while many other laptops also contain the same GPU, most of them are gimped and not able to sustain the clocks under heavy load. The Legion V4 is anything but that. On full loads the GPU consumes around 175W and can sustain the clocks for a long time.


• Azom Systems are getting pricier, the gap between Azom and bigger brands like Dell or MSI was much more around 5 years back than it is now. Don’t get me wrong. Its still there, but while previously the difference was around 50% now it has dropped down to 20-30%. To be fair this is primarily due to OEMs hiking their rates but still a trend which I noticed.

• Legion V4 is heavy, not great for travelling. I generally prefer to travel with an old HP Zbook. But hey, you are buying a desktop replacement here. On the same note battery backup is not that great, Battery is more like a UPS for the desktop.

If you need a mobility + performance unit; check out their Exigo line up which is on a 15.6" platform.

To conclude the review have been a long time customer of Azom and their product lines have always delivered the performance promised. They have created a niche in the Indian market with a vey optimized price vs. performance offering in high performance mobility segment. My best wishes to Azom and hope to seem them grow!" - Amit

Legion V4

This concludes Amit's Customer Spotlight. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute requirements and being a loyal customer for over 6 years. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

Arindam Ghosh - Azom Systems

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