March 31, 2023

Customer Spotlight - Nikhil

Legion V3

" I am a game developer by profession. My core workloads revolve around Unity, Unreal, character design using Maya, ZBrush and similar software. Free time goes for hardcore gaming.

The first system system I got from Azom was the Legion V3 and since then I have been a fanboy of their builds.

The best thing I like about the system was the performance it can dish out compared to branded units I have used. Hello Alienware, I am looking at you! 😉

These guys really know the art of tuning their rigs, that too without any bloatware.

Quick Review Points -

Before I went for Legion, I was using an Alienware. It was a good unit , but there was a substantial performance difference between same series GPU on my desktop compared to the laptop.

With Legion , the GPU performance between my Laptop and Desktop was almost identical. I don't know how they do it, but that's just mind blowing. Also , they use custom Prema BIOS which has lot of options to tweak. I am yet to figure out what most of those options do in BIOS. 😂

They use Desktop Grade CPUs which follow the same plug and play design of a desktop board. The CPU can be pushed up to 95W, where as the mobile CPUs which comes in laptops have official TDP of 45-55 W.

Thermals are really good and I didn't even open the system for cleaning or thermal re-paste for 3 years. Till this time never faced throttling or overheating issue. It was after 3 years when i faced a bit of throttling and got the system cleaned up along with thermal paste change.

Customization options are the best in class. I can customize the Display, GPU, CPU, Ram & Storage. This includes future upgrades if required.

Price vs Performance. Legion V3 was more cost effective than my Alienware and dished out almost 3 times more performance on my workloads.

Lastly, what I love about Azom is their sales & support. When I reached out to Azom for recommendations, they never oversell. Their recommendations were spot on and in fact I didn't even opt for their top tier config.

This made all the difference for me.

Recently, I switched company and was given the option to go for a laptop of my choice. I went with Legion V4.

I can't stop recommending Azom. I have already recommended it to so many people." - Nikhil

Legion V3

This concludes Nikhil's Customer Spotlight. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute requirements.

Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

Arindam Ghosh - Azom Systems


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